I went from moonshine and erotica to Christian game night in one weekend

I’ll admit, I have diverse taste when it comes to entertainment, but I surprised myself this weekend. In the span of 48 hours, I went from sinner to saint.

After Science Rocks: Beers & Gears at Discovery Place on Friday, I headed to the Charlotte Moonshine Festival at the EpiCentre.

Most of the distilleries mixed their moonshine with ginger ale which I thought was odd. The servers said the soda enhanced the flavor, but I think it overpowered the liquor. According to my informal survey, Georgia Moon by Johnson Distilling Company was the crowd favorite.

It wasn’t my first choice. Georgia Moon and the Firefly were too sweet. I want my moonshine to have a little bite not give me a cavity. My favorite was by Broadslab. It was smooth fire.

After the moonshine festival, I headed to the Chop Shop for the Sweet Spot: Red Light Special. In its third visit there, the erotica show has grown from the small stage at the Chop Shop to the main stage. The spoken word artists were as racy as expected, and drew cheers from the audience. Sorry, no pictures from the show. 


On Saturday, I stopped by PlayDate Inspiration. This was a Christian event. They served soda, water and Christian rap. GeneratiOne Church’s Pastor Q was the guest pastor.

“We have a lot of people who want something to do,” said organizer Coretta Livingston. “They don’t want to be in a place that served alcohol.”

The event featured board games, and signature PlayDate games with a twist. It was Christian-themed Hula Hoop and musical chairs rather than the freaky-deeky version that I’ve seen at other PlayDate events. The evening was clean, wholesome fun.


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