Updated Events! CIAA Best Party Picks

The tournament is here!!! I’m excited that there will be parties, parties and more parties. And all of the CIAA e-blasts filling my inbox will end on Sunday!

I’ve compiled a list of parties I will attend, might attend or would like to attend.

If you’re looking for comprehensive lists try Event Brite and Creative LoafingTourney Parties also features an extensive list, but sort by date since it’s not chronological. Unfortunately, CLTParty is completely unorganized and not chronological.

Let’s get this party started. See you in the streets…


JUST ADDED Ooh, Suttle Thoughts better bring it. I love go-go and I remember when Chuck Brown played here the first year the CIAA moved to Charlotte. I know there will never be another Chuck, but I’m ready for some D.C. go-go.

Frankie Beverly And Maze: The official tournament 
finale party. Tickets.

Release!: I’m so hyped for this: a day party and a night party
featuring a total of more than a dozen DJs including 
members of Chicago’s Chosen Few.
Final Funk Affair: Need something low key? Enjoy a tournament
 weekend concert experience. Tickets.

The Show: Yes, most of these acts are playing all over 
town at different parties, but not Whodini. Tickets.

La-di-da-di: This is one of the hypest 
day parties. Look at the line up.
 It’s not to bee missed. Tickets.


Charlotte Takeover: This should be interesting. Now, that they’re officially a couple, it’ll be cool to see how Nicki Minaj and Meek Mills flow at a show. Tickets.
Empire: Grand opening of Empire nightclub in the Epicenter! Tickets.

50 Shades of Grey: This is a masquerade party
for the ladies only. Tickets.

LGBT Weekend Finale: This party is for 
ages 25 and up. Tickets.


Holla: sipandplayclt@gmail.com


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