CLT No Pants draws more than stares (Video)

The Charlotte No Pants Ride was fun (of course) and illuminating. The exhilaration of riding the light rail without pants wore off after the first stop, but watching the reaction of pants-wearers never got old. 
People whom I’ve too often judged based solely on appearance now sat in judgment of us. Some snickered and waved. Others, however, didn’t hide their disgust or lustful fascination with certain lower parts. What was supposed to be a fun way to raise awareness about homelessness actually gave me a reminder of how quickly we judge the “others.” 
Oh and I must thank the security officer who told me that typically I can’t carry my mini-crossbow on the Lynx. I guess riding the light rail sans pants is okay as long as there’s no crossbow. SMH. (I dressed as a pantless Daryl from “The Walking Dead”). 



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