Craft City Social Club Offers Public Pool Uptown

Craft City Social Club
Source: Courtesy of Craft City Social Club / Courtesy of Craft City Social Club

The new Craft City Social Club’s poolside bar will open at the Sheridan on June 2. There will be a poolside bar featuring craft cocktails, a “Nuevo Latino” menu and cabanas for rent.

I’m hype about the pool. Non-hotel guests can enjoy the pool after 4 p.m. on weekdays and during brunch on weekends. Yes! I can stop begging my friends to let me chill at their pools.

General manager John Thompson had me in mind when he said:

“I want it to be a place where people will come together and share a summer experience…with grilled food, cocktails and the ability to meet and mingle with new people for adult games in a space that really brings an outdoor playground into an indoor pool space.”

I love playgrounds!

The cocktail menu will feature curated pitchers of sangria, margaritas and mojitos. Other traditional drink recipes such as a Negroni and Manhattan will be cured in whiskey barrels for at least a month to add a different twist.

“We want to get people in for the summer, try something new, play some games and if they want to hop in the pool, we’re all for it,” Thompson said.

I’m all for it too!


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